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The Humplex All the way!!!!!



Yesh me not dead because school has me busy Sooooo much. So I'm back and will TRY to upload more often because I honestly hate forgetting to upload.
Okay before everyone starts saying "Oh candy - paws why yew doing New fanfic when Masky x Reader isn't done" derpie derping derp.
Well my fellow candy creatures, I personally loved the movie ^^ so being the rebellious candy Kat I am, mah candy paws shall write this fanfiction! But it's not gonna be exactly as the movie so be warned ^^
Sighing, you made your way past the bustling tourists and families, who were on board a ferry that was taking them to Isle Nabar where the world renowned "Jurassic World" theme park was located, and got to the railing where you finally got some space to breath. Having your favourite (brand of headphones) on you tuned out the excited murmurs and chatter amongst the families. Your music suddenly cut off with a sudden beeping sound. Pulling out your phone, you saw the words

                               Warning Battery below 20%.

Letting out a frustrated sigh, you turn your music off and lowered your headphones around your neck. Doing so, you hear a very excited voice giving facts about numerous dinosaurs and other factoids. Looking to your side, you saw a very focused young boy who had his eyes glued to the island coming into view beside a rather annoyed older male. Listening in, you could hear the older boy saying "Mhmm" and "yeah" or "uh huh" whenever the younger one told a fact. Once the boy realized that the older boy wasn't listening, his face got a downcast look of disappointment. Rolling your eyes at the older boys attitude, you walking over and stood beside the sadden boy.

"I heard there are raptors being trained on the island." You said quiet enough for only the boy to hear. Hearing your words, he perked up and looked at you.

"Seriously!? Like actual full grown velociraptors? How would anyone be able to train those?" He question anxiously. Seeing the boy's lightened face made you happy. 

"That's what I thought about too before my uncle showed me how 4 adult velociraptors follow whatever he says." You added and you literally saw the young boys eyes sparkle. Didn't even know that was possible. 

"Awesome! I guess anything can be trained with the right method. Kinda like training a lion" The young boy stated and happily gripped the railing. 

"Huh you're pretty smart. What you're name there little man?" You ask and the boy smiled.

"My name is Gray, Gray Mitchell nice to meet you..." he dragged on and you chuckled as he awaited for you to introduce yourself.

"Nice to meet you Gray, my name is y/n" you say and held a hand out which Gray shook happily. 

"So Gray, what the older guy's name beside ya?" You ask curious as you spot the guy checking out a brunette on the lower deck who was giving him the flirty eyes. 

"That's my older brother Zach. He not into dinosaurs as much as I am... more interested in girls and looking at their butts and chest" he whispered the last part and made you chuckle. 

"Wow. Girls over real live dinosaurs? I'd take dinosaurs any day. I think you're the cool one Grey" You added, receiving a big smile from Grey. Suddenly you hear Zach, Grey's older brother, suddenly speak up.

"Hey, Grey we're almost ther- huh?" Zach began but stopped when he looked at you. You looked back up at him and raised an eyebrow. 

"Who're you-" He started but was cut off by Grey. 

"This is y/n, his/her uncle is a raptor trainer at the island!" Grey stated and looked up at you admirably. Smiling, you turned to face Zach who seemed to be around 16. His dark eyes were set on you, probably sizing you up and making sure you aren't a dangerous person.

"If you're wondering if I'm a dangerous person or gonna hurt Grey, I'm not. I was keeping him from having a sad look on his face" you stated and looked dead into Zach's eyes, your e/c stared into his dark ones. You both stared each other down and before you know it,  you guys were docking.


Upon entering the theme park, Grey had gripped your wrist and practically dragged you off the ferry to the entrance.  Smiling to yourself, you followed the excited 12 year old  as Zach followed behind. Once looking around at all the attractions,  Zack and Grey went over to the main building to meet their Aunt. Upon entering, small groups of tourists gathered around holograms of dinosaurs. Grey looked around fascinated and while he was busy, Zach leaned in close to you. 

"Grey seems to like you" he said as he watched his younger brother operating the holograms and showing more dinosaurs with a few kids gathering around. 

"I suppose. I just didn't like him having that sad look on his face, like he was alone" You said smiling as a hologram of a Velociraptors growling made a few of the kids jump then laugh.

"He was sad? I didn't notice.." Zach's voice trailed off and you turned to face him.

"Of course you wouldn't notice, you were busy eyeing miss brunette and her friend booty Betty" you stated and Zach's face went a small shade of pink around the cheeks and ears.

"Look, you're his older brother. Even if you don't want to be here, be here for your younger brother do that at least alright?" You said to him, plead hinting your voice slightly. Zach blinked, his face going a slightly darker shade of red before nodding and turning away, clearing his throat.

Confused, you went to go ask what's wrong but suddenly you hear Grey shout.

"Aunt Claire!!" You look back at Grey and see him run up to a Red haired woman with pale skin and wearing a white blouse with a white skirt that reached her knees topped off with a pair of low heeled shoes and hugged her. The woman didn't seem to know how to react and gently patted his head before Grey let go.

"Grey, Zach you guys made it." She began but her phone buzzed and she checked it, hesitant she pit her phone down and smiled. 

"You guys I have to go but I'll leave my assistant Zara with you to supervise you two okay? Now I really have to get back to work, I'll see you guys later" She said as she gave the two V.I.P passes and picked up her phone to answer a call and stalked off, leaving behind a sadden Grey. Going toward him you kneeled down and smiled.

"Hey cheer up Grey, It looks as of your Aunt's assistant isn't here yet so why don't we go explore the outside stuff for a bit until she does okay?" You offered and Grey nodded, some of the sadness leaving his young face aa he took ahold of your hand and lead you outside, Zach on the other side of Grey.

Jurassic World Oc x Mitchell Brothers Part 1
Yes I have been sucked into the world of Young genius, a hot teenage brother, an over worked redhead and a sexy raptor trainer.  If any of you guys have an Oc you'd like to see in the story give me the description ok? 
(Now where we left off)

Your Sporty/Athletic pov:
The entire school was huge to you, and right now you finding the athletics area was going to be pain in the ass. Sighing, you took off in search to find something called the 'Tourney Field' which you assumed was the schools sport or something. After asking around, you found a school directory.
"Let's see..." You said scanning the large map of the school, eventually finding a way to the field and made your way there. By the time you got there, the entire tourney team were doing drills and plays, the couch barking orders and directing the players over and over again if a player messed up.
"Gee brutal much..?" You mumbled to yourself as you made your way to the coach. "Excuse me sir? Are you coach Jenkins?" You said holding your schedule in front of you. The coach blew his whistle and told them to take 5. He turned to you and nodded 
"Yeah, I'm coach Jenkins and I'm guessing you're new?" He said sizing you up. You nodded and rolled your eyes as he observed you. "Ah, alright kid, get in there and do the drills and I'll see if you're tourney material" he said directing you to the players relaxing in the field. You shrugged and made your way there, stretching your arms and legs, readying yourself for the drills. 

Your Fashionista/Designer pov:
"Ugh, how rude! Ditching us like that" you fumed internally as you walked with the geek. They just up and left the two of you to find some smelly jocks! The geek was silent for the most part but spoke up when they saw something of interest or when you talked to them. Finally you found a class for sewing and textiles. You sighed and turned to the geek, telling them that this is your stop so they'll have to go on their own for now. While the geek left, you saw instantly a girl white quite the fashion statement. She had dark blue hair that ran in gentle waves down her shoulders, a top made of leather with a short cape that enveloped around her arms. A pleated skirt over a pair of black tights with a rather whimsical design, topped off with shoes that had a chunky heel. Now the question is,  shall this girl be a rival or an asset.

Your Geek/Tech pov:
You walked away from the textiles room, not a huge fan of fashion people. As you made your way through the somewhat empty halls, you found the computer programming class. You smiled, finally a class you're looking forward to. As you entered the classroom, you had a ball of paper flung at the door, narrowly missing your cheek. You looked around and saw a boy with blonde white hair getting up and walking over to you 
"Crap you alright? I'm not good at aiming for the recycling bin" he said pointing to the paper waist basket a few feet from the door.
"I'm fine... besides having paper flung at me isn't something new to me..." You said rubbing your arm a bit. The boy blinked but let out a grin "aha! You're new then, that means you're going to need help" he said taking a gentle hold of your arm as he went to the rows of computers. You were somewhat taken by surprise at the sudden hold around your arm as you were dragged over to a high grade computer, soon the blonde boy smiled "Ah, by the way my name's Carlos. A VK, or villain kid as people say" he said making air quotes around the Villain kid. 

Descendants: Newbies in school
The official part 1 of descendants :3 oh and I don't own any of this 
So the beginning will take place as you, a normal human being, was taking an exceptionally long bus ride to your new Highschool. You dozed of during the ride until a sudden brake from the driver jerked you awake.  You grabbed your bag and got off the bus "thank you for the ride" you called as you faced the entrance of your new school, however.... it looked like nothing from the website! But you noticed 2 other people there with you,  holding the same expressions.

Sporty/Athletic Your Pov: you got off the rather long bus ride with two other people, one was perfect and polished with designer stuff and another was wearing glasses and what my sister called "Geek Chic" clothes. The new school we just arrived to was huge! It looked more like a college than you highschool but if you guy are attending here than you gotta get going.
"C'mon you guys, we should go see if this is the right school" you said and the fashionista and Geek followed. It was odd, inside the school was surreal. People who dressed like they were in cosplay roamed the halls, some eyeing You guys awkwardly. The geek looked around and went over to a Young man with brown short hair that was swept to the side, wearing a rather nice yellow suit jacket over a pair of blue pants.  
"Excuse me, I was wondering if you can tell me what school this is? Two other people and myself might've gotten off the wrong stop" They explained. The boy smiled "Why, you're in Audron Prep, a school where the sons and daughters of fairytale roam and learn."
You stared shell shocked, a school for fairytales, that explains the choice of clothes around here

Fashionista/Designer Your pov: A school where everyone is in exceptional clothing and it's for fairytales? Ha! It makes sense, there was waaaay to many people here who posses fair skin and high fashion couture. You took a little spin to take in the surrounding as the man who looked like a prince explained to the geeky boy about the school. "So if you three are attending then I attending assume you must have to register? Come with me" he said leading you three to a rather large office, handing you guys a single sheet information form which you'll have to fill out. With a graceful sigh, you wrote down your name, age, address and other miscellaneous questions and required information. You finished and so did the other two. The prince smiled "welcome to audron Prep you three"

Geek/Tech Your pov: the sheet didn't take long to fill out, You handed it to the prince who gave it to a secretary. "Now, come with me and we'll get you three signed up with classes" the 'princely' character said as they went to a huge board filled with academic classes and after school clubs and events. Naturally you chose the escential including computer programming, along with a cooking class since you needed to fill one more in.
"Ah all of you seem ready to go. Here are your dorm keys and room numbers, classes won't start until tomorrow so feel free to wander around the school grounds or find out where your classes will take place" he said before having someone show you rooms.

(Hope you guys like it, let me know who should appear next in the story)
Descendants: Welcome To Auradon Prep!
This is going to be another fanfic version of how I would see Disney's Descendants, and no I don't own anything. I'll try adding 3 pov's the sporty/athletic pov, the Fasionista/designer pov and the geeky/tech pov


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